Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And we're off...

Time to get serious now... next meeting first Sunday of November at 8.30am in the park opposite the Eudlo General Store. Or if Sweetheart's Cafe is open, we might head over there.

A local market, the Eudlo food co-op, seed saving group activities and our next permablitz will be on the agenda.

Transition Town Eudlo

Are you interested in;
• Relocalisation (becoming less reliant on fossil fuels)
• Growing healthy organic food at home
• Permaculture & organic gardening
• Seed saving & plant propagation
• Helping out at Permablitz working bees
• Reducing your food and energy bills
• Bulk-buying dried organic goods
• Setting up a Eudlo Food Co-operative
• Establishing other community collectives
• Community orchards & edible landscapes
• Creating a stronger & more resilient community
• Working with others on climate change & peak oil
• Finding out what’s going on in Eudlo
• Moving from oil dependency to local resilience as a Transition Town

Then please join us and together we'll move from oil dependency to local resilience.

Monday, October 20, 2008

We're official

Well, we've made it! Eudlo is officially a Transition Town. Next step - starting to document what it is we're doing and working on things like establishing a food co-op, more permablitzes etc.

Exciting times indeed. Numbers are building too, with more and more people wanting to get involved.

Our next meeting is Sunday November 2 at 8.30am in the park opposite the General Store.