Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Meeting this Sunday

A reminder that Transition Town Eudlo is getting together this Sunday 8.30-10am at Sweetheart's Cafe in Eudlo.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Transition Town Nambour anyone?

Transition Town Eudlo isn't limited to people living in Eudlo, in fact people come from far and wide to see what all the fuss is about this thing they call 'Transition Towns'.

People who live in neighbouring areas come along regularly to get a feel for what it's like and to see if they'd like to start a Transition Town in their own town.

We have people from Palmwoods, Mooloolah, Ilkley and Keil Mountain regularly attending and contributing to what's going on in Eudlo.

Others come because they're not sure if there is enough interest in their own home town to get one started yet.

Which leads me into (finally) this post...

Over time there have been people who've asked, "Is there a Transition Town in Nambour?", to date there hasn't been and unfortunately, these individuals haven't turned up on the same day.

So I'm putting the idea out there - would some Nambour folk like to start Transition Town Nambour?

I'm happy to help and you're still very welcome at the Eudlo meetings - but if there is enough interest in Nambour itself, and I suspect there would be, why not take the plunge and jump right in?

It fits very nicely with the whole revitalisation of Nambour after the loss of the sugar mill in town too. I think local council would be supportive of the idea as part of that whole project.

Contact me at tteudlo@yahoo.com or come along to the next Eudlo meeting on November 1 and meet face to face.

Transition Town Eudlo

November meeting

The next get together for Transition Town Eudlo is Sunday November 1st.

We meet at 8.30am at Sweethearts Cafe in Eudlo.

It's an open meeting, whoever turns up on the day turns up. If someone from one of the groups (see the list on the right) is there they might give an update on what's happening, otherwise it's a time to get together, welcome new people and generally chat about transitioning and all that means.

Transition Town Eudlo

Monday, October 12, 2009

Beekeepers' Collective update

The Eudlo Beekeepers' Collective has acquired a two frame hand driven honey extractor, some hive tools, gloves and veils.

We also have The Bee Book - as recommended by, and available from the DPI.

Things are moving forward, slowly but surely.

The Eudlo Beekeepers' Collective

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eudlo Seed Savers

We're pleased to announce the start of the Eudlo Seed Savers Group. Officially kicked off at this morning's meeting, the group will work within the national seed saving network to promote seed saving, plant propagation and non-hybrid, organic, open pollinated seed saving.

There was also a lot of interest in local bulk buying groups that already exist - whether organic meat, biodynamic milk shares or community supported agriculture, there is already a lot happening that we can tap into.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday November 1 at 8.30am at Sweetheart's Cafe in Eudlo. If you are interested in being involved or finding out what is happening in Eudlo, please come along. We also welcome visitors and guests from neighbouring communities:

Kiel Mountain
and beyond

Sonya Wallace
Transition Town Eudlo

Friday, October 2, 2009

Get together this Sunday


Transition Town Eudlo is having a get together this Sunday morning (Oct 4) at 8.30am at Sweetheart's Cafe in town.

We discuss;
our new seed saving group
Permablitz Team
the Food Co-operative
Steam Team
The Beekeepers Collective
Waste Busters
Transport Solutions
Permaculture Eudlo
Eudlo Seasonal Markets - next one is in December
Solar oven group
EGG (Eudlo Growers' Group) (coming soon)
Highlanders' Goat Dairy (coming soon)
Community Harvest Project (coming soon)

Sonya Wallace
Transition Town Eudlo