Saturday, February 7, 2009

A slight change of focus

I've revised the ideas on our flier - just to ensure people understand that Transition Towns are not 'gardening' clubs. While there is a focus on food, it's not our only focus and we need to balance it with transport, waste, water, energy, economics and employment.

Transition Town Eudlo

Are you interested in;
• Growing healthy organic food at home
• Reducing your household bills
• Switching to solar or wind energy
• Composting toilets
• Worm farming and recycling
• Local businesses, local employment & LETS
• Transport solutions
• Finding creative ways to live better on less $$
• Seed saving & plant propagation
• Permaculture solutions
• Being part of permaculture working bees
• Bulk-buying food and garden materials
• Setting up a Eudlo Food Co-operative
• Establishing other community collectives
• Working with others on climate change & peak oil
• Local community resilience as a Transition Town

Then why not join us, we meet on the first Sunday of the month at 8.30am at Sweetheart’s Café in Eudlo.


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