Monday, January 4, 2010

The Eudlo Energy Descent Action Plan

Transition Town Eudlo and the Eudlo Town Hall Committee are about to begin work on creating a community plan for Eudlo to be delivered to Council.

We aim to work together to create an energy descent action plan (EDAP) - one that puts forward what the community would like to see happen in Eudlo. A plan that factors in climate change mitigation strategies and peak oil preparedness. A plan that helps keep Eudlo unique and retains the things we love about Eudlo.

On January 11 at 7pm in the Eudlo Town Hall, a few of us will be getting together to discuss how we might go about doing this - if you have an interest in putting forward positive, constructive ideas for the town of Eudlo, please come along.

The EDAP will cover things like; local food, water, energy, waste, built environment, transport, health, arts and culture, environment, emergency preparedness and much, much more. You're welcome to be part of this, the Sunshine Coast's first town led EDAP.

Transition Town Eudlo

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