Monday, April 6, 2009

April Meeting

We had a great meeting this month. Although Sweetheart's was closed! We could have done with a coffee, but oh well, can't have everything.

Lots of new faces and people interested in both gardening and the bigger picture Transition Town approach of looking at all systems under pressure from oil and climate issues.

Food is a great starting place, but Transition Towns are so much more. Looking forward to getting groups started in waste, energy, transport, education and all those sectors.

There are a few activities on locally between now and the next meeting - April 20-23 there is a Dynamic Groups for Transition Workshop on at Cooroy with the wonderful Robin Clayfield.

All these events are detailed on the SEAC website at under events - costs, booking details etc.

April 26 - Beginner's Guide to growing your own food on at Eudlo. Full day of learning how to start and maintain home food production systems - vegie beds, compost, worm farms... all the good stuff.

May 3 - the day of our next meeting, but also International Compost Awarness Week - there will be a compost workshop at Eudlo to celebrate - 10am-noon Cost $20.

May 4 - Labour Day Garden Tour - visit a permaculture garden and see the fruits of its Labour! Tour runs from 9-11am and costs $5 per head. Numbers are strictly limited so book early.

See for all the details

Next meeting Sunday May 3 at 8.30am at Sweetheart's - if they are closed again, we'll be over in the school yard under their shelter.


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