Friday, April 3, 2009

Meeting this week

[Above: a display of the types of foods we'll be ordering through our food co-op]

This Sunday is our regular meeting for Transition Town Eudlo. Hopefully it won't be too rained out - we've had some localised flooding overnight and yesterday.

We meet at Sweetheart's Cafe in Eudlo at 8.30am for a coffee, a catch up and a chat. You're welcome to come along if you are interested in Transition Towns.

We'll also be able to talk about the very successful Local Food Forum we had last weekend at Palmwoods. I've attached some photos here.

[A photo of the crowd, about 140 people turned up, and a photo of some sweet potato plants we have for sale]

Our Sunday morning meetings are very social, often with new people turning up wanting to know about the group or Transition Towns in general.

Some people also come to our meetings because they are thinking about moving to Eudlo and want to get a feel for the town.

There aren't many community groups you can turn up to and find out such things, so that's yet another need that TTs fill.

[Below: a photo of the mind map I put together on local food solutions]

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